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14226 N. Nebraska Ave. (Between Fletcher and Bearss)
Home Shoppers Center, Tampa Florida Map
(813) 978-3632
Open 5 Days a Week
Closed Mondays & Wednesdays

Pricing Details

Paper Packs and Handsets available
24 cards, paper: $25.00
36 cards, handset: $6
No splitting of packs.
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Matinee Program

Doors open at 11:00am
Warmup begins at 12:00pm
Regular program at 12:30pm

Begins 30 minutes later on Sundays

Paper packs only
Standard pack: $15
Large pack (more specials) $25
Regular Games
Pay 25-25-50
Coverall Pays $100
3 Escalating Jackpots
Call for extra information
(813) 978 3632

Night Program

Warmups from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Regular program at 7:30pm

Most Jackpots $250

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